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the dog rescued from the los angeles river is back home with its owner. the owners granddaughter saw video of the rescue online and recognize the rigid and recognize the dog. the weather service just change the advisory to warnings. winter weather advisory for the district, prince george's, anne arundel county, which are storm warnings for stafford, charles, spotsylvania, orange. a full update coming at 11:00 tonight. abc world news is coming up next. >> have a good night.
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go back to sleep america. the oil crisis is over. i don't think so. our economy is bleeding billions for foreign oil... importing nearly 70% - much of it from countries that don't like us. that's billions we should use to create american jobs. we have plenty of american natural gas, to power our trucks and bus fleets. it's cheaper, cleaner, abundant, and it's ours. we've had our wake up call. it's time to act.
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